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Email marketing, is without a doubt, the most effective tool a marketer can use to obtain and retain customer loyalty. Think of it as getting direct access to your customer’s home to pitch your product or service. When everyone else is screaming for attention, you already have your hands in the client’s pocket. According […]

An Introduction To Email Marketing

Keyword research is vital, valuable and is one of the most important aspects of online marketing due to the potentially high returns in the search marketing field. Here, we will give you some ideas on how to do keyword research and search engine optimization (“SEO”). However, keywords are no longer […]

How To Do Keyword Research

The inevitable happened in 2016 as we saw mobile devices overtake desktops as the primary device for accessing websites. This news did not come as a surprise since Google reported back in 2015 that more searches were conducted on mobile phones than any other device. Despite these facts, many companies […]

SEO For Mobile Devices