About Me

My name is Joey and I, like so many of you, have been looking to enable myself to take better control of my life.

I am over 50 years young, still employed and blessed with a loving family. I also have been looking for opportunities to not only make extra money, but also give me a chance to be more independent from my employer – that is not so easy to do at my stage of life.

Over the past ten years, I made several half-hearted attempts to get into the “online world” and mainly through my own lack of due diligence, I failed miserably. I fell for the scams such as “make money on auto-pilot” (they don’t tell you how to get the “plane” off the ground to begin with), I tried a Pay-Per-Click Campaign (that only cost me money, which was all I learned) and a bunch of posting ads on advertising boards (only left me poorer and accused of being linked with true scam artists).

In 2015, although I wasn’t desperate, I felt that I needed to do something. This time I really did do a lot of research, asked many questions and found Wealthy Affiliate.

A few facts about me before trying out Wealthy Affiliate:

  • I had never built a website.
  • I was not very computer savvy – I used word processing, search the net, email, etc.
  • I understood the basic concepts of affiliate marketing.
  • I had basically no spare money to spend.


  • I can build professional looking, working websites and am making money online.
  • I am no “sales person”, but I now understand online and affiliate marketing.
  • I have greatly improved my writing skills.
  • I have probably the greatest knowledge pool and database to draw on when I need answers to any questions I may have in the online world.

I have been taught skills that I never thought I would, or could, have. I even built and maintain the website and social media for my employer! I have also built a few sites for friends and another local business. I mention this to show that there is more to Wealthy Affiliate than “affiliate marketing”, a lot more.

No, I haven’t quit my day job yet and there is no timetable for that at this point. Wealthy Affiliate has done something that has made a huge difference to me – It has given me options. It doesn’t matter if you are eighteen or eighty, you can do this!

Try it for yourself right now, it’s FREE to start and remember, the price of FREE includes two websites!

Try it here…………….

Again, my name is Joey and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Alternatively, you can contact me through my profile at Wealthy Affiliate (here is a link to my profile).

I will be with you every step of the way, and with the help of the wonderful community at Wealthy Affiliate you will receive all the guidance that anyone could ever ask for.

Thank you,