Become A Website Builder

How to start a website business online? For many of us, the question should be how to start a business with no money needed? Here we can answer both these questions.

A presence on the internet for a business is now almost essential – just like being listed in the yellow pages of the phone directory used to be. So, what about becoming a website builder? I will show you the best training for website design and website building.

You may have heard some marketing systems touting that you do not need a website to succeed in online commerce. As far as you should be concerned right now, they are wrong! It is possible to make money online without a website but your opportunities will be restricted and you will also be very much dependent on the sites of others.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to learn how to build beautiful, first class websites. The training provided will both show you everything you need to know and give you the tools you will require.

When you have followed the training and understand the basics of website design, you will want to know what you should do next:


A Few Ideas To Start Your Website Business


 Don’t Be Afraid To Practice With A “Live” Site

This is a very cheap way to learn and try new things. You can buy a domain for next to nothing, even nothing if you use one of your two free sites at WA. Your hosting is included at WA, and your theme and plugins can all be free also. Get friends to visit or test your site – you can also ask the WA community for their input and feedback which will prove to be invaluable information for you.

When building your practice site, or any site, concentrate on the content first then try and monetize it later. You will hear this a lot and for good reason – if a site has nothing to keep people interested, they will just move on to something else – and why would they bother to stop and buy?  Never forget that.

Objections To Using A “Live” Site

An objection that I have heard from several people over using a “live” site is that they feel everything should be close to perfect before the launch; they don’t want someone to visit their site when it is still a bit of a mess. 

I understand this, and you can keep everything in “draft mode” if you wish but in my experience it is much better to put everything out there.

Why? Because, first of all, it will take a few months before your page gains traction and trust with Google anyway so very few people are going to see it, unless you spend a lot of money on advertising your site.

Secondly, the main purpose of this exercise is to PRACTICE. That means not only writing and using images, but experimenting with layouts, themes, seeing how your site looks and how quickly it loads on mobile, desktop, tablet. Check out various different web browsers, check out your links and whatever you don’t like, change it.

Have Fun With It

One of the pleasures of building your own site is that you can update and change things constantly every time you have an idea or see something elsewhere you like but don’t outright copy anyone’s content. Look for the top sites in the niche that you are targeting and see what you could improve on or even borrow ideas from them, e.g.if they have a Q&A section, why not build one yourself? Experiment,  experiment, then experiment some more.

Build sites for local businesses

While the skills you learn at WA will enable you to offer your services worldwide, I think it is important at first to concentrate on your local area as much as possible.
Let everyone in your own network know that you can build websites, place an ad on Craigslist or Kijiji, post ads on Facebook and other social media. Another thing you can do to be more targeted in your efforts is to perform a Google search on various local businesses and I am sure you will find many sites that are terrible and outdated.
Contact them directly, with either a flyer, brochure or a letter, emphasizing you are local and not some sweatshop office in some remote country. The most effective method for me was to drop off the letter/flyer personally. Having said this, it is still not an easy way to drum up business but it can work.
I don’t recommend your first contact with a potential client be done via email; I receive frequent emails offering to work on a website of mine that I don’t update often and they all end up being treated as spam. Many people I know do the same.
Your best form of advertising will be word of mouth and you need to build a solid reputation before venturing out further.
Equally as important, you can also manage and maintain the customer’s website after it is built. This will offer all important steady, residual income which is what we are all after.

Expanding From Local To Global

 It is much harder to market your services where nobody knows you; I personally am tired of strangers contacting me to offer their services to build or improve my site and, like most other people I know, I give no time to them.
I repeat, build a sound base first, show you are an expert, then expand your horizons.

Local Non-Profit Organizations And Charities

Offering your skills to non profit organizations is a great way to advertise your service – you may make little or no money but as long as you have done a good job and let them all know that you did it, you may end up with a referral or two.

You gain good experience along with the satisfaction of helping out society, not to mention the possible referrals that may arise.

Build A Site For The Purpose Of Selling It

There are many people who just can’t seem to get started – this way you can basically start a business for them, a sort of turnkey operation. Beware how you market this though as you don’t want to mislead them into thinking that turnkey means they don’t need to do anything, because you may end up looking like a scam artist in eyes of your readers. See here for more on that subject...
This offers opportunities both for your customers and yourself:-
Your customer will have a foundation for their organization, an opportunity to hit the ground running.
You earn income immediately by selling the site and, more importantly, you may be able to gain some passive income if you offer a maintenance package for Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”), writing content, etc.

Train Others

Once you are completely comfortable in this field, to the point that you consider yourself to be an authority on constructing websites, you can even offer to teach and train others. WA offers several real life case studies of building a site so you can see for yourself how the training might be structured.

This may or may not be a huge income generator for you but it is something else of real value that you could offer.

Now Do Something

Having options in life is what we all want and Wealthy Affiliate gives you a whole lot of them, so take your next step here ….

My name is Joey and I am always here to help you succeed, so please feel free to leave me a comment or question below.


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