CashCrate Review: Fake or Legit?

When you come across the Get Paid To (GPT) sites that say they’ll pay you for taking surveys and giving opinions on products, you definitely wonder if it’s just a scam.

Well, I did. And for a good reason too.

I mean, whenever I tried making extra bucks through surveys in one of those runs of the mill sites, it almost never worked out. On the top of that, I’d end up wasting hours doing work for them.

That’s probably why I was skeptical to give CashCrate a try. But when I did give it a shot, after a lot of hesitation, I was surprised for sure.

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So, what do you think? Whether CashCrate is just another fake GPT site, or there’s more to it? Read the review and see the verdict yourself.

Initial Thoughts

It was easy to register on the site. I usually prefer new IDs or have a dedicated email address to sign up for these kinds of sites so that I wouldn’t get the promotional mails mixed up with the personal mail. Once the details are filled in, I was prompted to fill out a small survey so that they could have an understanding of my demographic along with my basic details. This process lets you earn 25 cents, by the way. And once done, you’re good to go!

What sets CashCrate apart from the rest is its offering of various methods to pocket in some cash. In addition to the usual surveys, CashCrate allows you to fill in some offers, for which you are paid by the companies to give their service a try. Also, you might be lucky enough to receive coupons in your email at times.

Whenever I look at a design of GPT sites, I wonder why they don’t care much about the way they are presented to the user. With CashCrate, however, I had a pleasant experience and felt like working on more offers than I would on other sites.

Free and Paid Offers

Let me tell you! This is the real deal of the site. This is where you could make a reasonable profit as opposed to the usual surveys. Each offer has a dollar sign next to the listing. And when you go for the paid one, you would have to pay a little amount so that you can claim the offer. But this will be in return for a little profit.

Make sure to keep your eyes open throughout, for you can come across really good deals – ranging from basic gift cards to even airline tickets at times. But you must look out for the amount of money you’re shelling out because most of the companies look for monthly subscriptions. And when you forget about it, you might be charged recurrently, ending up losing money.


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While filling surveys for money, I learned that I qualified for almost every survey I took. But remember the word – almost, as it is impossible to be eligible for every single survey out there.

Since CashCrate isn’t a dedicated survey site, you must know that the surveys are often outsourced, and the returns are less. So, I’d prefer a site that’s exclusive for surveys when I want to earn a few bucks only through surveys.

Other Ways to Earn

There are quite a few other ways on CashCrate where you could earn money. These involve watching videos, playing quizzes and games. However, these promise only a little money and isn’t worth your time if you aren’t interested in them. As I said, the real deal lies with the offers, and sometimes, surveys.

Referral Program

One thing about CashCrate that took me by surprise is its referral program, which is multi-tiered. This is said to be one of the best, (or maybe the best) referral system in all of the GPT world. It reminded me of the Tupperware parties.

So, when one of your referrals join CashCrate, you get 20% of their earnings as your own. And when their referrals register, you get an extra 10%. So, you could just get your referrals to join, sit by idly, and watch your earnings grow. Who knows, you might make a grand like a few users who had been reported to have made more than a thousand dollars through referrals.


Unlike a lot of GPT sites where the paid offers are mostly rigged, CashCrate sees your hard work through. The returns are mediocre, but they aren’t stripping you off your money. There are plenty of members in CashCrate who make a decent $100 per month. But one set back I felt is that you need to give your financial information for the same, which was a red flag to me.

Third Parties

While using CashCrate, you must be aware of the fact that you will be getting in touch with the third parties eventually. So, you must be careful about revealing your card information, even if they are mentioned trustworthy by CashCrate. But again, go with your gut if you have any issues with the offers posted on the site.

User Opinion

CashCrate has a decent three on five stars, with most of the users happy about its interface and the legit offers the site had. But there have been complaints about third-party companies repeating the surveys, and the users not getting enough credit for the work done.

The Downside

Though CashCrate is better than many other GPT sites, it is not perfect. The most disappointing thing about the site is perhaps the meager amount of some offers, which could be as low as 15 cents.

The PayPal system also has a few issues and coming to the offers, most of them are targeted towards the audience in the US, as opposed to that of Europe.

The Final Verdict

Overall, CashCrate is a decent GPT site and is much better than many of the sites in a similar business. You might not make huge amounts of money by completing the surveys and offers, but you can earn a decent income or saving through cash and coupons each month, and even more if you can focus on the referrals.

If they can work on their payment systems and the qualities of some of their offers, CashCrate could definitely do so much better.

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