Getting Started


What do I need to know to start an online business, even if I have little or no money? As a friend of mine from El Salvador said – Joey, I need to know how to start online business – no money though!

Are you as frustrated as I was with trying to find my way through the maze, some might call it a minefield, to get a straight answer to that question?
Unfortunately, many of you will have followed the same path that I did. In my case, I have been taken in, ripped off and spat out again by scammers, thankfully not for a lot of money but any amount is too much.

Most times though, I have just not been successful for the following reasons:

• Overwhelmed by all the information, especially when too technical.

• Content provided is not complete or poorly laid out.
• Sites more interested in taking your money and upselling than helping.
• Lack of a community that helps and supports you.
• Training is focused on making money by selling without teaching you how to build a business. Just like any business, your online venture needs more than merely a sales department to thrive.

All the above resulted in a lack of progress, completely destroyed any motivation I had and left me very disillusioned with the world.

But, There Is Good News

There are a few good opportunities out there and I am glad to say that I found what many people consider to be the best, and you can start for FREE even before finishing this article by clicking here if you wish. NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED! What I will introduce you to is probably the best program for beginners and veterans alike.

First, don’t let the words “affiliate marketing” scare you. People have this vision of MLM schemes, having to sell to your friends and neighbors, making cold calls. Wealthy Affiliate is geared towards showing you how to start your own online business; you don’t have to sell a thing, but why wouldn’t you want to?

Are you shy? You will learn to market whatever products interest you without having to talk to anybody – ever!

Really shy? You can even keep it a secret from your friends and family if you want. All you need is access to a computer.

Experience, What Experience?

You do not need any experience – I knew absolutely nothing about building a website before I signed up, had no idea how to write content for a site or a blog and had no clue on how to become an affiliate.

Do you want to see how you can create a free website here in 30 SECONDS? Just Click On The Image Below.




What will you risk by checking it out?  Apart from however much time you wish to spend, you risk nothing – no money, no credit card at risk, no commitment of time and this free trial does not expire.

Wealthy Affiliate has proven itself year after year to be at the very top of the reputable online business training programs, and you owe it to yourself to check it out.


What will you receive for “risking nothing”?

  • How about training that will teach you to build up to 2 free professional looking websites (not those one page – “Act Now Before This Offer Expires” websites), but a truly first class product?
  • How about hosting for your site that is also provided free?
  • Technical support, 24/7, rapid response, fix the problem first time.
  • How about help and input from the Wealthy Affiliate community, more than 500,000 strong? You have a question on building your site, setting up email campaigns, how affiliate marketing works, you name it, it’s been asked and answered by someone – if not, go ahead, ask, and someone will help you out. The wealth of information available will amaze you. Here is an example of a question that I posted.

What I’m telling you means that you can start your own online business for nothing

You do not have to make any commitments, you can keep your websites for ever but most importantly, you will learn how to actually start and operate a real online business. This is not a get rich overnight scheme and apart from winning the lottery or doing something illegal, such schemes do not deliver on their claims. To be honest, those sites that promise instant income, turn-key systems, auto-pilot methods of making money straight away are nothing more than scams. Wealthy Affiliate is proud to stand apart from such schemes.

As Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, said “There is nothing else like it out there”. He is right.

Check it out, you have nothing to lose.

My name is Joey and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to get in touch below or you can contact me through my profile at Wealthy Affiliate