How To Find Content For A Website

Content is King.

If you’ve been reading articles on affiliate marketing, then you’ve probably heard the phrase at least a dozen times. content-writing

But what does it even mean? In fact, why do some experts insist that you must consistently churn out 500 words a day for your blog to gain any traction?

We don’t know about these so called “experts” but writing quality content takes more than 500 words, and of course enough time that you can afford to spend.

Even if you are a capable writer with enough time on your hands, there will inevitably come a time when you’ll run out of ideas.

What do you do then?

Calling it quits is definitely not an option! Relax; we are here to help.

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In this guide, we want to tell you the secrets expert bloggers and affiliate marketers don’t want you to know about content creation.

Things you’ll learn

  • Why writing good content is important for SEO
  • Resources and tips you can use to generate new content ideas time after time
  • Tips to write killer copy that drives your sales through the roof

Why writing good content is important for SEO

“Write content for people; not for search engines” is something that you’ll hear many marketer’s preach. Yet for some reason, writing only for people is not enough.

To write quality content that helps your audience and gets traction from search engines, you need to make them SEO optimized.

And to write SEO optimized blogs and articles, you must avoid thin and filler content at all costs. Seriously! It’s not worth it.

Your affiliate blogs should serve one purpose and one purpose only: To help people.

Once you help people, you’re likely to see your content being placed higher on search engine results.

That is not to discount the fact that backlinks are necessary. Backlinks are what that’s going to rank your blogs, but getting them is so much easier when you have good content.


How to consistently come up with killer content ideas

Okay, this is the part where we discuss how you can generate more ideas for writing your content. For the sake of brevity, we’re going to throw these tips that you in a Listicle format.

  1. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times

The purpose of writing affiliate content essentially boils down to solving problems by suggesting the correct thing to buy.

To keep your queue filled with outstanding content ideas, you must always keep your eyes and ears open to people’s problems.

The more problems you are able to solve, the more people will trust you in doing business. Ideas are everywhere, and you can find them easily by staying alert.

  1. Jot down your thoughts as soon as they appear

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they don’t write down their ideas as soon as they come to mind.

“Oh! I’ll remember this one” doesn’t work. Trust us! Unless you’re keeping track of the thoughts that come to your mind, they will inevitably leave to be never found again.

So, make it a habit of writing down the major points you’ll want to make in any topic, save the URLs that have a goldmine of information, and keep a list of things to do when you sit down to write.

Use a notepad, use your smartphone. Just write it down!

  1. Be active on Social media

Social media networks are the greatest resources at your disposal when it comes to creating new content ideas.

Here, not only do you get to hear about problems directly from the people but can actively participate in figuring out solutions.

Moreover, platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great for researching trending topics and turning them to your advantage.

So, how do you leverage the power of social media in content creation?

In Facebook, for instance, you can join both open and close groups related to your industry and participate in discussions. Remember to provide value and take notes.

  1. Use BuzzSumo, Quora, Reddit, etc.

When it comes to finding trending topics, you need not limit yourself to only Facebook and Twitter. Platforms like Reddit and Quora are buzzing with enough activity to never let you run out of ideas.

The great thing about Reddit and Quora is that both platforms are focused towards finding solutions of all sorts of problems.

In addition to discovering great topics, you will also no doubt encounter great answers that you can take inspiration from and include on your blog.

And if you think you have some money to spare, give Buzzsumo a try! It is one of those resources that marketers swear by.

  1. Don’t be afraid of controversy

Remember the saying “any publicity is good publicity”? Yeah, that applies even to affiliate marketing.

If you want to set yourself apart from the other industry leaders, you must be willing to speak on topics no one will speak about.

Sure, you might drive some people away, but many will flock to be in your tribe.


How to write killer copy that converts?

To conclude, we’re going to give you some tips on how to write excellent copy that gives you more sales. Here are the things you need to know: website-content

  1. Be interesting, opinionated, and humorous whenever possible. People love these three traits.
  2. Use clear and easy to follow language that even a fifth grader can understand. Your affiliate marketing blogs are not places to show off your vocabulary.
  3. Find your own voice instead of copying some other marketer. Remember, there’s always room for improvement for a content/copywriter.
  4. Don’t skip out on facts and statistics because those are the elements that lend your blogs the authority they need to convert.
  5. Write small and concise sentences that do not drift away from the topic.

Final words

Coming up with new ideas for content is not difficult at all if you know where to look. However, ideas don’t sell unless you put a good amount of effort in executing them.

It’s always a good idea to have a comprehensive content schedule to keep you on track.

Thankfully, creating a plan shouldn’t prove to be much of a problem now that you know where to look for ideas. So go out there and make some sales!

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