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How To Make Money From Writing Articles

There are many talented writers in the world that cringe at the thought of full-time freelance writing. After all, most full-time authors aren’t exactly rolling in the dough. The work is hard, tedious, and often, unappreciated.

But things are changing for the struggling writer. And, it’s all due to the many writing opportunities now available on the Web.

When many people hear of successful Internet gurus, they picture the multi-millionaire that owns four or five businesses and conducts those businesses on the Web. Well, many people would fall into that category. But, did you know that you could bring in an excellent income by simply doing the thing you love to do? Writing! You heard me. The starving poets are a thing of the past. If you are interested in making a serious living as a writer and really want to know where to find writing jobs online, here are some opportunities now available to you.

Article writing

This is one of the most popular forms of writing on the Web today. Many businesses are discovering that article marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to drive targeted traffic to their websites. Freelance-writer

The problem is that many of these web owners are not writers. They don’t have a clue how to put together an article, so they will gladly pay you to do it for them. An average article is 400-700 words, making it easy for you to write several of these a day.

Web Content

Just as with article writing, there are many people out there looking to set up their web site, but they do not possess the talent to write their content. This is another area where owners are willing to pay you to produce the content for them. This often involves writing introductions to the company, biographies, sales letters, product descriptions, and the like. The work is not challenging, but it does require some knowledge and familiarity with website design.


This is writing important sales letters for a company or individual. In the letter, you describe the product or service being offered and try to convince the reader to purchase it. I’m sure you’ve received a multitude of these offers in the mail. The online versions are set up the same way. These letters are written in a casual tone, making it much easier for you to write. There are other variations of copywriting, but this is the most popular.


Here, you have two choices. You can write and sell your e-books. This method requires a lot of work on your part because you will have to set up Old-vintage-typewriter

arrangements for selling and marketing, but in most cases, you will get to keep all of the profits. There are also people out there with a very good idea who are looking for someone to write an e-book for them. The pay is not usually high, but the work is relatively easy, especially if you are already familiar with the topic.



Again, there are a couple of different options in this area. You can set up your blog and sell advertising on it. The alternative is writing for someone else’s blog. As with e-books, the pay for each posting is not great, but you could write several assignments in an hour. The more blogging jobs you get, the more money you can bring in.


This is where you write a book, article, story, etc. for someone else, but they get the credit for the work. When you are paid as a ghostwriter, you are being paid for not only the use of your job but also the rights for it. Your employer gets to claim the work as his/her own. Because of this, writers can charge a little more for this service. Occasionally, a ghostwriter is acknowledged for his/her assistance, but not always.

Editing & Proofreading

In this area, people pay you to correct their mistakes, whether they be grammatical or typographical. Each job is a little different. Some employers want you to make the project sound as good as possible, even if that means butchering their work. Others want only the most basic of your editing skills. Be sure to find out what your employer wants before taking on the job.

Here is where you can start, for free…..

These are just a few of the many online jobs now available to you as a writer. If you are just starting out, it can be very difficult to find these jobs. In that case, I would suggest trying out some of the different writing services like Upwork or iwriter. On these sites, you bid on the various writing jobs that interest you. There are many writing jobs listed each day, so you can count on always having work. Other resources you can use are writing sites such as Freelance writing. Here, the jobs are listed, and you have the opportunity to contact the person who placed the advertisement directly.

The possibilities are endless. With a little discipline and motivation, you can quickly become a full-time freelance writer. I’ve given you a few ideas of where to start, but I promise you that if you dive in, you’ll find more opportunities than you can handle. So, choose wisely. You don’t want to over-commit, but you do want to make a living. And, now you can, doing the thing you love most.

Some writers don’t even need to leave their residence to do their job.Writer-with-laptop

They can write their articles at their house and then send them to their editors using e-mail. The good thing about becoming an online writer is that you can work without having put on formal attire. You possibly can write even when you are simply just wearing your pajamas! That could sound just like a dream job!

Some people today would say that you can find no rules regarding writing. But there is certainly one main rule. That one critical rule is just don’t copy other people’s work! This is known as plagiarism. Plagiarism is fundamentally stealing and you would not want someone else to claim ownership over your job, would you? The work is not challenging, but it does require some knowledge and familiarity with website design.

If you want to make some money simply through writing/blogging, or just want to check it out, click here or on the image below……..

Writing For Money.

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