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Should You Or Should You Not Outsource Your Content?

For many years, outsourcing was frowned upon in the internet marketing community. Just the suggestion from someone that you should possibly outsource work was enough to drive people to think that the service and information they provided was sub-par or inadequate.

But today, outsourcing has become a rule rather than an exception, especially when it comes to creating written content.

Just think about it: as a business owner your aim is to overlook operations that lead to the growth of your business; not micromanage every detail.


In other words, you should work ON the business rather than IN the business. That’s how millionaires became who they are, not by grinding away for a few dollars per hour!

Freeing up time to work on things like SEO, content promotion, outreach, and relationship building is even more important if you’re an affiliate marketer.

I acknowledge that there are many of you who have the time to do everything on their sites and are very successful, in which case this article may not be of much use, but I ask you to read on anyway.

Sure, you may argue that nobody knows your business better than you do, but that doesn’t mean you’re the best person to do everything yourself.

Do it yourself or not, click here  to see how you can learn to do everything.

In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly why you might want to consider outsourcing content to maximize your profits.

When should I outsource my content?

Missed deadlines, lack of interest, underwhelming results – we’ve all been there! There can be a lot of reasons for anyone to outsource content, but most commonly it’s done because entrepreneurs don’t have time.

If you’re an affiliate marketer who has been writing content for your own sites all this while, you probably know how tough it sometimes gets to keep the interest alive.

Or you probably feel that writing is mundane and you’d rather focus on more tasks that grab your interest like link building or blogger outreach.

No matter what your reasons might be, here are some tell tale signs of why you need to outsource content:


  1. You have a tight or Inconsistent content publishing schedule

If you keep missing deadlines, you’ll inevitably end up abandoning the regular readers of your blog. If your content is dropping off, you’ll notice that the engagement rate is suffering, which is bad for business.

This happens when entrepreneurs get busy to a point when they cannot devote time to content creation. Consistency is the key to probably almost every success in life, and affiliate marketing is no different.

Take the help of a freelance writer before it’s too late and your blog has disappeared into obscurity. Let your social media channels and website thrive once again.


  1. You just don’t have interest in writing

Okay, let’s be honest here; as an entrepreneur, you just cannot do everything by yourself. Not because you don’t have the skills, but because you simply don’t like it. Relax; we aren’t going all into judgment mode.

In fact, we feel that everyone should focus on their strengths instead of trying to fix their weaknesses when the particular skill set doesn’t hold their interest. That’s all right! You don’t have to beat yourself up over it.

Consider hiring a freelancer to help you out with content creation. This will not only save time but let you focus on improving your strengths even more.writer-content


  1. You suck at writing!

Again, no judgments from our side. You’re probably good at a lot of other things. Writing isn’t for everyone, and it’s a skill that takes time and patience to master. If your readers have been giving your writing thumbs down, you may feel it is time to throw in the towel.

Instead, you can hire freelance writers for the task. In fact, you can try out cheap freelance writers from around the world to do your “dirty work” (no offense intended).


  1. You should be doing other things

While a lot of people pursue affiliate marketing as a side gig, many take this as a full-time hustle. If you belong to the former category, then the chances are that you have many things that you should be taking care of.

Content writing may be easy, or not so easy depending on your skills, but we all can agree to the fact that it is time-consuming. And often time-consuming to the point where it can eat up your entire schedule.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Content 

Okay, by now you probably know if you should be outsourcing content or not. If the answer is a resounding YES, keep on reading to learn more about the benefits.

If you’re still not convinced, then this part of the guide might just change your opinion. 

  1. Get SEO optimized content

As an affiliate marketer, you know the importance of following the right SEO guidelines. Having non-optimized content not only prevents you from getting the love of search engines but may also expose you to penalties.

Over stuffing keywords, improper grammar, and poorly researched content are enemies of not only search engines but also your readers. Outsourcing content from content writing experts will prevent you from having to face these struggles.

Good freelancers know about the right keyword density and how to include them naturally within the article. They also are aware of the fact that content is written for people first and search engines second.

So, you’ll be getting love from your readers as well. Needless to say, it’s a lot easier to rank SEO optimized content in search engines than something that’s been shabbily put together.

With the right links, your blog post will rank on the first page of Google in no time!

  1. Solve your reader’s problems

The secret to becoming a successful marketer lies in the art of establishing trust. You aren’t going to sell your products by pushing your opinions on to people. You’ve got to figure out a way to help your readers solve their problems.

And the best way you can be helpful is by writing content that addresses their pain points and guides them to better living. You might be a wizard in market research, but your knowledge won’t be any use if you do not know how to put them into words.

This is where a professional content writer can come to your rescue. An expert content/copywriter will make an effort to understand your industry, the needs of your audience, and the best way to solve their problems.

They’ll write thoroughly researched and compelling content that makes your audience value your opinion. Your sales figures will improve immensely when you have a tribe of followers doing what you want them to do.

  1. Help you in writing guest posts, emails, etc.

You do know that publishing content is only one portion of marketing, right? Just having kickass content on your site is not enough, because let’s face it, who is going to read it if nobody finds it in the first place?

Influencer outreach, writing guest posts, preparing “Guestographics” (Brian Dean’s method) are all aspects of content marketing that could use some flair. Now you may think that you can do these aspects just fine by yourself; we wouldn’t disagree.

However, it helps to have an expert’s touch in your outreach emails if you want to see better results. Guest posts also demand top-notch content because if you’re going to be posting on someone else’s blog, they’re not going to accept it if it’s crap. Would you?

Landing the right guest post that resonates with the host’s audience will not only drive back more traffic to your website but also give you valuable exposure in the industry.

The influence of quality writing is unparalleled, and it’s something that you must have at your disposal at all times.

  1. Improve ROI and fetch greater conversions

What’s the point of investing in great content if it doesn’t give you any return on investment? Thankfully, it’s been proven time and again that the quality of content has the largest impact on how many of your visitors convert into customers.

Writing compelling copy that captivates your audience, addresses their issues, and leads them to take action is one of the things you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

The writing should be flawless – devoid of any spelling and grammatical errors. It also has to appeal to the logic and emotion of your audience for maximum effect. If you can’t write copy yourself, hiring an experienced freelancer will do the trick.

It is necessary that you treat content as an investment rather than an expense. Far too many people have been victims of this mindset. We don’t want you to follow the same pattern.

  1. Editing – all taken care of!

You might find the writing of content boring. But do you know what is even more boring? It is proofreading and editing content. We, humans, are a flawed bunch; we make mistakes and often don’t like owning up to that fact.

Typos, grammatical errors, and other silly mistakes are all a part of the content industry. In fact, they’re inevitable! However, you don’t have to live with the mistakes of others or force yourself to read 2000 words when you hire a competent freelancer.

Be it an agency or an individual working on your content; you can always count on them to make it as refined as possible. Most freelancers and writing companies have stringent quality checks to ensure that clients only get the best.

So, no more reading in between the lines or the lines themselves anymore.


The Cost vs. Time dilemma

One of the things that most entrepreneurs unanimously agree on is that everyone either pays for things either through money or their time.

That’s the reason you get to hear the saying “time is money; money is time” every so often.

What is more important to you?

If the answer is “money,” then we’d just like to remind you that money comes and goes, but time once spent is gone forever.

No, we’re not giving you a lecture on philosophy, but trying to make you understand that under no circumstances should you pinch pennies to lose dollars.

It’s a fact that professionally written and laser targeted content fetches greater ROI. So why are you still wasting eight hours a day writing a piece of content?

You could be doing so much more things in that time to grow your brand.


How to find quality writers for hire

While the definition of “cheap” varies from person to person, let us just say that the principle of you get what you pay for applies in the content writing industry as well.

But does that mean you have to give up an arm and a leg for a simple 500-word blog? Of course not! If you know how to hire a freelancer, then you can get blogs and articles at really affordable rates.

Here are a few links to sites where you can hire freelance writers:

writershark.com – a new service and from personal experience, I think it offers the best value.

IWriter.com –  (affiliate link)  I have also used this excellent service, mainly before I started using writershark.

Upwork.com – very reputable organization, sometimes a little pricey, but you can find many quality writers here.

Fiverr.com – this site offers a great variety of services but I found the writers here to be rather “hit and miss”. You might get lucky though and rates are low. You can get a $5 article but the phrase “you get what you pay for” will spring to mind. Despite this, it’s a good site for many other things, such as website work, logos, graphics, etc.


Because the topic of “how to hire” demands an entire piece of content by itself, we’re going to keep this portion sweet and simple for now.

Here are the five rules to hire the best talent for your business:

#1 Admit that hiring is a skill and you won’t master it just by screening a couple of freelancers.

#2 Never settle for the second-best because your business deserves employees who have the same level of dedication as you.

#3 Never skip the screening process based on your initial impression. You never know what you might be getting yourself into.

#4 Give all prospective freelancers an equal chance! Don’t discard a writer just because he or she has a non-American name. Non-native English writers can be great as well.

#5 Be willing to spend money on your business if it requires. No entrepreneur ever succeeded by being cheap in regards to quality.


Are you ready to maximize your profits?

So, you probably understand by now that having quality writers in your team can be the difference between success and failure. As we mentioned above, if writing takes up too much of your time or if it’s something you struggle with, it’s time you reorganize your priorities and outsource the bulk of the content writing work to a qualified professional.

Having content available on command not only gets rid of trouble that is usually involved when doing the writing yourself, but also sets you up to help receive a high return on investment.

So, the next time, instead of forcing yourself to write one word after another, do the right thing and hire a freelancer.


A Final Word Of Advice

With or without outsourcing, you still need to learn everything there is to know about starting and growing your own online business/

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